Our Offerings

Our Offerings

Organization Development

At MissionQuest, we know that organizational change can be overwhelming and your mission won’t wait. Skilled at assessing your needs, we meet you where you are – reimagining leadership or staff roles; changing cultural norms; or revitalizing strategic planning. Whether you’re a midsized non-profit, an established government agency, or a successful business, we respond quickly to your unique challenges so you can make an even greater impact.

Program Evaluation

MissionQuest’s scientists understand the power of telling your story through data. Whether required by funders, for certification purposes, or for internal assessments, our team designs and executes rigorous evaluations and delivers compelling results. We walk you through every step – from our advanced – level research and design to innovative data collection methods and analyses resulting in professional impact reports. We know how hard you work creating and delivering programs; we enable you to share your results with funders, stakeholders and your community in a dynamic and impressive format.

Resource Development

MissionQuest has built a reputation for grant writing success, but we know that your success as an organization depends on your long-term sustainability. In addition to grant writing, our resource development services help you plan for the future with confidence. You can weather budget cuts by developing a strong and diverse funding base and generate greater and more constant revenue.


Top employers know that creating a culture of learning by providing educational opportunities improves retention rates, boosts overall morale and creates strong organizations. Motivated individuals know that developing existing skills and acquiring new knowledge makes them stand out in the crowd. 

MissionQuest works with partners throughout Southern California to provide ongoing training opportunities. Customized trainings or industry conferences can be scheduled at any location at your convenience. Topics include strategic planning, resource development, change management, board and staff development, diversity and inclusion, sexual harassment, and more.

Diversity Equity And Inclusion Consulting And Training

Employees of all races, genders, ethnicities, and sexual orientation must feel safe and valued in their workplace, so organizations of all sizes are re-evaluating their internal cultures and looking for opportunities for improvement. MissionQuest is an expert in this field and ready to help organizations become more diverse and inclusive.