Philip Gold

By The Numbers

is the number of wonderful pets I love

is the number of countries I have traveled to

is the number of concerts I have attended

Philip Gold


Phillip Gold has spent over 30 years in the telecommunications industry in Global Field Operations, Office of the President. At AT &T, he resolves technical issues for their customers and internal technical infrastructure issues. He works with proprietary and highly sensitive information, and he always maintains compliance with FCC, state, and local regulations. He is the lead trainer and head coach for the Exception Resolution Center, providing floor and remote support to managers, peers, and customers. He works with leadership to create and change processes to optimize efficiency and reduce cost while maintaining exceptional customer service.

Phillip strives to do the right thing and enjoys assisting others to do so as well. He believes everyone should be treated fairly and is outspoken when he sees injustice. He is open minded, willing to learn, and can adapt to change. A native of southern California, he appreciates the diversity and cultures of Los Angeles.